War on Chronic Pain Patients

I find it terribly sad that there is a war going on out there, and chronic pain patients seem to be the collateral damage.

As this fight continues, more and more people are committing suicide as they can no longer stand their pain.  Are these people being tapered down on their medication?  Just how far has the DEA gone or CDC?

It seems doctors cannot be trusted all of a sudden?  Horse manure.  I had a wonderful Internist who prescribed my medication  but the DEA was getting too involved and my doctor got scared.  I do not blame her.  I have utmost respect for physicians- they go to school for years to become a doctor.  All of a sudden they do not know what they are doing?

For me, it worked out great as I was referred to a wonderful pain management doctor but for many others – they are not so lucky.  They are turning to suicide.  Just had another one in Redondo Beach.  This man was hurt in an construction accident, and had been on leave for over a year due to extreme pain.   I have no idea if he was tapered down or doctor refused to give him a higher dose.  Clearly the man was in pain and suffering. He killed his wife- son and himself.  So so sad.    This could have been avoided possibly.

We had a law enforcement officer in Montana commit suicide.  She was a patient of Dr. Forest Tennant whose office was ripped apart by the DEA.   Suicides are happening more frequently now.  We NEED to stop this and take a good hard look at what we are doing to the very people who are legit – in chronic pain.

This is NO laughing matter.  I am begging the main stream media to look into this and help us out here.  We need someone on our side.  We have been caught in the middle, in this War on Opioids.    After reading the story about the Waz family, it literally broke my heart.  It could have been avoided.  Someone dropped the ball here.