Visit to Little Co. of Mary Hospital

On October 25, 2018 in screaming pain I summoned my husband out of bed.   I was crying and in the worse pain possible.  I told him we need to go to Little Co. of Mary that something is wrong with me.   We got to the hospital and oddly enough it was not packed.  I was taken to Triage with my blood pressure at 200/ 125.  That’s high – too high.   They asked me all sorts of questions and next thing I know – I am being wheeled down for a Cat Scan.

Well to my crazy surprise – I had a 8 MM Kidney stone LODGED in my Ureter.   It would not move.   It was considered in the medical field to be QUITE big..  Er doc had me admitted to Observation Floor.  Finally they were shooting me up with medication that worked for the pain.   On Friday, a Urologist on call came to see me, and I liked him immediately.  He decided to take me to surgery that night at 6PM sharp to put a stent in me.  This was to help with urine flow, and that horrible pain.   They did not want to go in and break up the stone because of it’s location and the fact that it was lodged.  It could damage some organs.

Saturday afternoon I was discharged.  I was happy to be going home.  I see Dr. Tomasic this Friday , Nov. 9th, the urologist.  Hopefully he will have more answers.   Truth be told, I have NOT felt well for several months.  Very tired and now I know why.   I am diabetic and that was another reason for admitting me.  All of it was too dangerous.