Update from January 7th appt w/ Cardiologist

I went to see my cardiologist and my blood pressure in the office was 148/100.  Not what Dr. C wanted to see.   He changed my Norvasc by increasing the dose.   For years I was on ToprolXL but Dr. C put me on this calcium blocker on my first visit with him.    I have no idea why my blood pressure won’t come down.

My husband and I DO eat lots of veggies and I watch how much meat I eat – especially red meat.  I could probably live on vegetables and do ok and never get bored but who am I kidding?   I have to have a little bit of rib eye a couple of times in a month at least.

I get very frustrated with all of this.   I’m on a lot of medication but it’s what keeps me going.   Thyroid, BP meds, diabetic meds, good old Lipitor, medication for my peripheral neuropathy, depression caused by being sick and my friend estrogen.  I take one pain med.  I would love to walk into my doctors and tell them, “This is it, I am rebelling and not taking any medications anymore.”    Fat chance on that because I did try going off my Lipitor, and told the cardiologist and he told me to please get back on it.  I was trying that RED YEAST RICE that is suppose to help with cholesterol issues.  I guess what it boils down to is that I got more of my mother’s gene pool (cardiovascular issues).  It’s a good thing I do not smoke or drink.

I am listening to my cardiologist and I really do like him.  We do get along great.  He understands my frustration and I do believe he is looking out for me.  I gave him a hard copy of my medical history so he knows what I deal with daily.

I see him again first part of February.  He is following me monthly until we get me in a good place.  I’m thankful for that.