Trip to Urologist today

This morning I decided I needed to call my urologist’s office. I knew the doctor was out of the office for the next three weeks but I still called. I told the girl who answered about my symptoms etc and they wanted me to come to the Westchester office near LAX. I was going to see Dr. Tomasic ‘s PA, Melissa.

I had to give a urine sample and they decided I had an infection. They also felt it could be that the kidney stone has moved or the stent was irritating. Melissa was great gave me a couple of prescription and told us should things change call them immediately or go straight to Little Company of Mary. She would send a text to my doctor and tell him about our visit. I was to keep my appt with Dr. Tomasic at the Redondo Beach office in mid January.

I am dealing with much discomfort but hope that the stone passes so I do not have to go into the OR to have it removed.