Thankfully Dr. Ahmed scheduled me for surgery on Jan. 8th as an outpatient. My last post said January 1st but that was a mistake. I was happy to finally get rid of this stone which was 8 MM, and not willing to come out on its own.

We got to Little Company of Mary Hospital – Torrance and I got changed into a gown. Was waiting for the Anesthesiologist to come in and talk to me. I looked up to see this young woman walking over to my bed, and she introduced herself as the Anesthesiologist. She looked just like Sarah Jessica Parker. Doctor S. was going over my medical records/diagnosis and looked up at me and said “Wow you are dealing with a lot.” I replied to her, “Yes I have been.” She saw that I have RSD-Fibromyalgia- Venous Insufficiency and really felt bad for me. I immediately told her that I had been on the Fentanyl pain patch since 2005 and she told me no worries. She knew I was a pain patient as well.

I was so blessed to have a great Anesthesiologist who really understood what I have been going through aside from that darn kidney stone. She knew I was nervous about the surgery because after all we never know what to expect right? SO she told me she was going to give me a double dose before I went into surgery, and I am guessing it was the Versed which would calm me down. Well, after I got into the operating room I was out like a light. Don’t remember a thing. If they laughed at me- I would never know. lol

I think Tom and I left the hospital around 5pm. I was ready to go home. On January 14th, I had a follow-up with Dr. Ahmed to have the stent removed in the office. I was nervous of course but it was a piece of cake. Tom and I were SHOCKED at the length of the stent. I could not believe this long thing had been inside of me. They had taken the old stent out which they put in on October 26th while in operating room. They put this new one in that came out on Jan. 14th. What an ordeal.

I have been on a low Oxalate diet meaning no chocolate – no nuts and no darn green veggies. I do eat in moderation but have excluded most as I do not want to go through this again. I was sick for 5 months straight. Vomiting- Diahrrea and it was just awful. I see Dr. Ahmed on March 18th for follow up after doing a 24 hr urine test. We’ll see how things are. Kidney stones are no fun especially when they are over 8MM.