Surgery Jan. 1st

My husband and I had a consultation with Dr. Ahmed on Thursday at his office in Westchester. The stone has moved upward, and is on my left kidney. Drs. all agree it is NOT going anywhere. Too big to pass – just not moving downward.

The stent that was put in back on Oct. 26th has developed inflammation, and is irritating my bladder which is causing much bleeding. Dr.Ahmed will go up with a laser, and break up the stone to where it turns to gravel/sand. Easier to pass. They will take out the old stent-put in a small fiber type stent that will come out three days later.

Dr. Ahmed has said it will be a longer recovery as they go up and poke around a lot. Will be very sore for days. They also do not know what else they may find while up there. We are thankful they are finally taking care of this as I have been in extreme pain for months. We are blessed to have good doctors and I cannot say enough about Little Company of Mary Hospital- Torrance, CA.