Steve Rummler Foundation

I had sat down and wrote to this foundation.  I was very kind and considerate.  I explained to them that I had been on Fentanyl patch since 2005 (50MCG) and have not heard from them.  I guess they were not interested in my story.  I’m not addicted to the medication and chose not to go to a higher dose.

I also shared with them about my brother John who had been addicted to Meth for years and then got addicted to Vicodin.  Again, they were not interested.

Rummler’s and Mendell families have lost their loved ones to overdoses.  I feel so sorry for them because I lost my brother John who I will write about soon.  I understand the loss.   Having said this- there is a group of people out there who DO NOT ABUSE their opioid medications.   We are the collateral damage in this war on opioids.

Thank God for Greg Gutfeld of the FIVE on Fox.  He has come out in support of us.  He has also interviewed JOHN HEUBUSCH, Executive Director of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation who suffers from RSD.

Again, people who overdose turn to other drugs and do often mix alcohol with their meds.  They turn to harder drugs.  It’s not their fault as they have an addiction but please do not take it out on us who do not abuse!