Procedure on Aug. 17, 2016

Well, that’s over.  I had to go in for a Colonoscopy and Endoscopy.  Got there at the surgi center at 10:30am and front desk was so nice.  Just a very nice gal named Cheryl.   My name was called, and I went back with nurse.  They were taking vitals and all that good stuff.   Next thing I know I am being wheeled into a room – some type of mouthpiece was jammed into my mouth (ouch, thanks guys).  Needle inserted into line – starting counting and boom bang I was asleep.  After about 45 mins I woke up in recovery.  After 15 mins, I  told them I could dress myself, and wanted to go home.  They wheeled me out to the car, and dr told me to make an appt.  Got home – called the office and got an appointment for Sept. 15th which is when I will get all results.  I do not anticipate any problems.  They did take biopsies from my stomach and I had polyps removed.  Had something been wrong I would have learned earlier.