October 4, 2017 – visit to hospital.

For a few days, my left leg was swelling up – deep red in color with blisters on shin.   I kept thinking it would go down.  My  sister-in-law pleaded with me to go in and be checked.  I finally did!

I went to the ER and the attending physician wanted to admit me but was also concerned that I might pick up a nastier infection in the hospital.   The diagnosis of my leg was Cellulitis which can be deadly and go into sepsis which I already knew.   They did an ultrasound to rule out a blood clot just in case.  It was negative.  They took a lot of blood and gave me medication for the pain.   My husband came up to the hospital later as I was more worried about leaving our animals.  Luckily he was off duty and around.

I was in the hospital for about 12 hrs.  This was my 4th bout with Cellulitis.  The first two times I got it- I was in the hospital for days on an IV drip.  Today they want you out.  I was given Keflex and Bactrim and finally finished it today.   My leg still has some redness and it is concerning.   It’s not going away fast enough for me.   I requested a home health nurse to come out and take a look at it but hasn’t happened yet.  I do not want to be in public places where people are sick as I cannot take a chance.

Being a diabetic makes this all more serious. People don’t seem to understand that but it is true.  From my knee to my ankle- my leg was so swollen it was horrible.  It was rock hard from the fluid and hurt like the dickens.  Normally when I got cellulitis it was a single red streak going up my leg but boy this time – it was red all over.   You cannot mess with this stuff.  It can be deadly and you can’t let it go as I did this time.  Very angry at myself.

10-27-17 Just an update.  Home Health from LCMH has been coming out checking my leg.  I have CVI (Chronic Venous Insufficiency)  along with Chronic Stasis Dermatitis.  We are trying to keep my leg clean and moisturized so bacteria cannot get into.  This has been by far the worse case I have had.  I am frustrated.   The Cellulitis cleared up with the medication but I am not out of the woods.   I want to get back to my old self and it’s just not happening fast.