Night from Hell

Last night I ended up with my head in the toilet.   Ok, so I am being over dramatic.   Truth is, for some reason I was very ill.   Everything inside of me came up.  My left side hurt like a dickens.   I called Little Co. of Mary ER but they were swamped.  I passed.

I ended up taking a Trazodone which relaxed me and I fell to sleep.  I have been under a lot of stress recently.  My grandson passed away in March 2018 and I thought I was just dealing from all of that or reacting .   I have been fighting for years with my health.

I do need to find out what happened last night and I hope it was only stress.   Why on earth would my left side hurt so much?   This too shall pass.  Quick UPDATE:  Well it did not pass as I ended up in the hospital as you will learn…