New Doctor – Pain Mgmt

I never shared this but  back in May 2017 I walked in for my routine visit with my Internist and she announced that the DEA was sending her alerts on every medication (Opioid) she wrote.  I was shocked. She told me she would be sending me to a Pain Mgmt Specialist who she felt would be good for me.  I was not happy as it always seemed easier to go to the drs office – pick up my script once a month.

I made the appointment with Dr. Bradley.  He spent 30 mins with Tom and I and we both liked him a lot.  I read his bio before going, and was impressed.  He spent 18 years in the Army and had worked with wounded soldiers.  He knew about pain.   He ordered a MRI of my back (lumbar) as he wanted a good image of it.   He told me I was the classic case.  I had surgery at L5 S1 in 2008 after having a Discogram.    Dr. Bradley stated that after a few years you do start to have problems.  He was right.  I also had Degenerative Disc Disease which Dr. Rogers (Surgeon who did my surgery) told me I already had.  Of course I also had the painful RSD which is neurological.

We tried the epidurals but I got  violently sick- blood sugar spiked on me and I ended up in Urgent Care on IV’s for dehydration. I was a mess.  They got my sugars down before I left there.

Next time I saw Dr. Bradley we decided together to just stay on the Fentanyl as it seemed to work for me for now.  I was also given a low dose break through pain med which I have only taken a few thus far… It’s hard but I do not want to go any higher.  It tough – really tough.  I know they will help me if I really want it.   I am blessed to have a great team of doctors.  I really am.

Every month I go to see Dr. Bradley – we talk and I get my prescription.  Not a big deal.