MRA Aorta test

Have an appointment for a MRA Aorta runoff this Thursday.  Have never had one before.  I had an endoscopy back in August 2016, and my doctor found something that was a bit off.  He decided that it would be worth it to have this test just to make sure all was well.  My Gastroenterologist and Vascular doctor got together and decided this is what I needed.

Have had stomach issues and have been experiencing nausea and vomiting which I have never had issues with.  As always, I am sure there will be nothing and all will be fine.  Life is an adventure…Ha!

Update:  I did have the test and actually the test did not reveal anything out of the ordinary.   No problems – Blood flow in small veins are still a problem but all looked good with my arteries which I was thankful for.  My physician wanted me to be seen by a new Neurologist, and that appointment was made and carried out on January 30, 2017.