Back on June 20, 2017 I went in to have a routine mammogram.   One week later I get a call from the Women’s Imaging Center that I need to come back in for further testing.   They end up taking two views on right breast and ask me to wait.  The gal comes in about ten minutes later after talking to Radiologist and he wants an Ultrasound done.

After the ultrasound, the gal told me there are two types of Masses they see- the first one is not one they worry about too much .  The second one, which is what I have they do worry about. Just great I thought to myself.  My anxiety level went way up.   They want to see me back in 6 months and said it’s “probably” not malignant.  How would they know this if no needle biopsy was done?   So confusing… And the word probably does not sit well with Tom and I.  We are worried.

Have not had a chance to discuss this with my Internist yet.  I see her in October.