Living with Pain

It’s difficult living with pain and it’s equally hard when our society refuses to educate themselves.  I know family, friends and people in general are busy but with more and more people popping up within our own groups with pain and chronic illnesses isn’t it worth it to learn what you can?

Say for instant you have a friend who was just diagnosed with Lyme Disease, would it not be worth it to learn what you can about this disease?   Afterall, you want to be supportive and to understand what your friend is going through.  Along with these illnesses – comes pain.

The pain I deal with can be just rotten at times.  I will be sitting in the recliner and the next thing you know my leg is tightening up.  My foot feels like it is on fire.  Bones in my feet actually ache and the pain goes deep.  Not a good feeling.  I have pain all over my body which can be a real pain in the patooty.

Understanding pain is difficult unless you are actually living with it.  I just showed you a bit of what I deal with and that has just scratched the surfaces.

Here’s a good article on Living with Chronic Pain  Goren, Estee “Chronic Pain – The Emotional Effects.” Chronic Pain – The Emotional Effects. 13 Jun. 2010 25 Aug. 2013 <­Pain-­-­-­The-­Emotional-­Effects&id=4347944>.