Infection in Sinus

Had an appointment today to have some blood drawn at my doctor’s office.  I told the gal who was drawing my blood that I had planned to go over to urgent care next door.  She told me to hold off as she was going to tell Dr. D that I was in and not feeling good.  Dr. D said she would see me even though she was overloaded with patients.  I appreciated so much.

I have been not feeling good since latter part of June but like we all do, I just let it go to the wayside.  I thought I would get better.  Well I have a bad infection – fluid in my ears which I knew because they hurt like heck.  So, it’s antibiotics for the next 10 days and hopefully we will kick this stuff to the curb.  (grin)

I have the best Internist and her staff is fantastic.  Always nice towards me.  They deserve a gigantic big box of See’s or one of those “Edibles.”