Follow-Up with Vascular Doctor – October 19, 2016

Went to see my vascular doctor to go over my results from ultra-sound.  The large arteries are doing just fine.  In fact, Dr. Kaviani told me to rest assure that they are perfect.  Now, he does think all the pain I am dealing with in my legs has more to do with neurological problems no doubt related to my RSD and Peripheral Neuropathy.   One thing he wants me to do is to see a Neurologist and I am currently looking actively for a good neurologist.  Cedars Sinai has great doctors and I may look into that.  I was never really happy with the neurologist I did see here in the South Bay.

My doctor also stated at some point I may need another surgery in my leg (smaller veins).  So, we just keep on going and working on things.  I dislike going to the doctors but I also know at my age it’s important no matter how much I dislike it.

Having Venous Insufficiency is a real pain literally. I have already had surgery in both legs to do some re-routing of veins.