ER visit 12/23/2018

I made the decision to go to hospital as I was not doing well. Sharp pains and, just not feeling well. I finally had a cat scan – it showed the 8 MM Kidney stone was up near my kidney now. The stent that was put in back on October 26, 2018 was now covered in inflammation.

I was given Rocephin in the ER as soon as they knew what they were dealing with – which was bacterial. ER doctor was fantastic. My Urologist was out of town for three weeks on vacation. His partner Dr. Ahmed agreed with the ER doc that the stone must come out, and simply will not pass. I am suppose to call Dr. Ahmed tomorrow. The infection must clear up before they go in there.

Dr. Ahmed will do the procedure. I am very frustrated as it is Christmas and I had so much to do. I love to bake for the neighbors/friends but that has been put on hold. Thank goodness for my wonderful husband as I do not know what I would do without him. For better or for worse sure was taken VERY seriously when we got married. We both have come together for each other. I am grateful. Grateful for my friend Shirl who was texting me the entire time I was at hospital. I was by myself as Tom was on duty. It all was ok though. I am a big girl but when you are feeling so bad it’s tough.