Deep pain today.

Got up this morning and I was in severe pain.  I was due to change my pain patch tomorrow morning.  Decided to take some break through pain medication that my pain mgmt doctor gave to me back in November 2017.  I try not to take it but sometimes I just have to.

My hands were hurting so bad and I fear my carpal tunnel is getting worse as well as Osteoarthritis in hands.   Legs were burning.  It just was not a good day today at all.  I think my body was also reacting still to what has been going on since Christopher passed away.  Day of services I was on my feet for many hours.  I was in extreme pain that day but I kept it to myself and got through the day.  It was difficult but I did it.

I think I will talk with Tom and see what he thinks about me going in to see about my carpal tunnel.  Probably time.