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Infection in Sinus

Had an appointment today to have some blood drawn at my doctor’s office.  I told the gal who was drawing my blood that I had planned to go over to urgent care next door.  She told me to hold off as she was going to tell Dr. D that I was in and not feeling good.  Dr. D said she would see me even though she was overloaded with patients.  I appreciated so much.

I have been not feeling good since latter part of June but like we all do, I just let it go to the wayside.  I thought I would get better.  Well I have a bad infection – fluid in my ears which I knew because they hurt like heck.  So, it’s antibiotics for the next 10 days and hopefully we will kick this stuff to the curb.  (grin)

I have the best Internist and her staff is fantastic.  Always nice towards me.  They deserve a gigantic big box of See’s or one of those “Edibles.”


Back on June 20, 2017 I went in to have a routine mammogram.   One week later I get a call from the Women’s Imaging Center that I need to come back in for further testing.   They end up taking two views on right breast and ask me to wait.  The gal comes in about ten minutes later after talking to Radiologist and he wants an Ultrasound done.

After the ultrasound, the gal told me there are two types of Masses they see- the first one is not one they worry about too much .  The second one, which is what I have they do worry about. Just great I thought to myself.  My anxiety level went way up.   They want to see me back in 6 months and said it’s “probably” not malignant.  How would they know this if no needle biopsy was done?   So confusing… And the word probably does not sit well with Tom and I.  We are worried.

Have not had a chance to discuss this with my Internist yet.  I see her in October.


Neurologist appointment-January 30, 2017

I went to see Dr. Laura Jong on January 30, 2017.   She did an extensive evaluation on me.  Tom and I really liked her.   She confirmed what two of my other doctors have stated and always thought, that I do indeed have RSD.   Right now I am waiting for authorization to have an MRI done on my spine.   It has taken me years to get a real diagnosis aside from the mild Peripheral Neuropathy I have.  We have known for a long time that something was not right with my legs/feet.  Getting this diagnosis meant a lot as Dr. Jong is highly respected in her field.

I’ve been on a pain medication for years but decided to see a Pain Management doctor which I will do after I have the MRI.   People have a hard time understanding where I am coming from when I tell them that I am not feeling well.  I look fine from the outside.

I feel blessed that we have good health insurance and I do not take it for granted.  I try not to go to the doctors unless I really have to.

UPDATE:  I forgot to mention that the MRI came back with nothing significantly wrong.  Dr. Jong’s final diagnosis was RSD   Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) Syndrome.  Well it took years to get that diagnosis but I am glad we found out for sure what it is. 

MRA Aorta test

Have an appointment for a MRA Aorta runoff this Thursday.  Have never had one before.  I had an endoscopy back in August 2016, and my doctor found something that was a bit off.  He decided that it would be worth it to have this test just to make sure all was well.  My Gastroenterologist and Vascular doctor got together and decided this is what I needed.

Have had stomach issues and have been experiencing nausea and vomiting which I have never had issues with.  As always, I am sure there will be nothing and all will be fine.  Life is an adventure…Ha!

Update:  I did have the test and actually the test did not reveal anything out of the ordinary.   No problems – Blood flow in small veins are still a problem but all looked good with my arteries which I was thankful for.  My physician wanted me to be seen by a new Neurologist, and that appointment was made and carried out on January 30, 2017.

Follow-Up with Vascular Doctor – October 19, 2016

Went to see my vascular doctor to go over my results from ultra-sound.  The large arteries are doing just fine.  In fact, Dr. Kaviani told me to rest assure that they are perfect.  Now, he does think all the pain I am dealing with in my legs has more to do with neurological problems no doubt related to my RSD and Peripheral Neuropathy.   One thing he wants me to do is to see a Neurologist and I am currently looking actively for a good neurologist.  Cedars Sinai has great doctors and I may look into that.  I was never really happy with the neurologist I did see here in the South Bay.

My doctor also stated at some point I may need another surgery in my leg (smaller veins).  So, we just keep on going and working on things.  I dislike going to the doctors but I also know at my age it’s important no matter how much I dislike it.

Having Venous Insufficiency is a real pain literally. I have already had surgery in both legs to do some re-routing of veins.

October 1, 2016 – MRA Angiography

Today I received in the mail and response from my insurance company about a test that my Vascular and Gastroenterologist doctor  want me to have.  When I had an endoscopy recently certain things popped up that Dr. Lee felt needed to be addressed.  He knew I already had issues with my smaller veins but my new Podiatrist did a doppler test on my right foot which showed only a faint pulse.  That of course is not good.

I never throw up yet this has been happening to me as well as being nauseated.   My right leg has been hurting a lot more as well.  Something is going on.  My vascular doctor put in for the MRA and they approved it.  So happy about that.  Maybe we can get to the bottom?

Our mother – and all her siblings suffered from Vascular disease.  Mom, had to have both legs amputated due to vascular disease. She passed away at the age of 66.    I have developed bad varicose veins which our mother had as well as venous insufficiency.

I am just so glad my doctors are communicating.  I have good doctors and feel blessed.


Vascular surgeon today…

Had appt today with my vascular doctor.   He scheduled me for an ultrasound on both legs.  We’ll see what is going on.  Never ending…just never ends.   Did a rotor rooter on both legs back a few years ago but right leg is bothering me more so need to check it out.


Results of my procedure

Today (Sept. 15, 2016)  I met with Dr. Lee, my Gastroenterologist doctor who I happen to like and respect.  Dr. Lee is young-and very sharp-on the ball for sure.   His compassion is superb.  We had to go over my test results from Endoscopy and Colonoscopy.   

Nothing life threatening or cancerous thank goodness.   Two polyps were biopsied and benign but pre-cancerous (colon).    My stomach is a different story.   Stomach lining was pretty irritated-red.  Took a biopsy which turned out to be benign.  Polyp was found in stomach…

Because I have venous insufficiency, Dr Lee feels I should think about having an Abdominal MRA to assess for vascular insufficiency given symptom of leg claudication.

  • MRA: magnetic resonance angiography (MRA) is an MRI exam of the blood vessels

Dr. Lee is concerned because if there is claudication it can create pain in my stomach which I have been having, and I’ve also had bouts of vomiting.   I am calling my vascular doc tomorrow morning – hoping to get in to see him as soon as possible.   Between my stomach and leg pain, it’s been really tough.  I feel good that I have a good team of doctors who are taking good care of me and know what it going on.  Unfortunately, just have some bad health issues.

To be honest, I dread eating.  I don’t like that feeling in my stomach.  I have lost 10 lbs without really trying.  I know I need to eat as I have diabetes but boy, when your stomach is uncomfortable it’s hard to eat.

Procedure on Aug. 17, 2016

Well, that’s over.  I had to go in for a Colonoscopy and Endoscopy.  Got there at the surgi center at 10:30am and front desk was so nice.  Just a very nice gal named Cheryl.   My name was called, and I went back with nurse.  They were taking vitals and all that good stuff.   Next thing I know I am being wheeled into a room – some type of mouthpiece was jammed into my mouth (ouch, thanks guys).  Needle inserted into line – starting counting and boom bang I was asleep.  After about 45 mins I woke up in recovery.  After 15 mins, I  told them I could dress myself, and wanted to go home.  They wheeled me out to the car, and dr told me to make an appt.  Got home – called the office and got an appointment for Sept. 15th which is when I will get all results.  I do not anticipate any problems.  They did take biopsies from my stomach and I had polyps removed.  Had something been wrong I would have learned earlier.

August 11, 2016

Yesterday was my 3 month follow up appt with my physician.   Good news is I lost 5 lbs – blood pressure is doing great.  Oxygen was at 100%.   Now we hope my blood work comes back good.  🙂

I talked to my doctor about my foot pain which is more then likely the RSD.  Crushing deep pain in both feet.  She wants me to see the podiatrist in her group so they are setting that up for me.  I am sure if this new doctor feels I need to have new tests done, they will make sure I get them.

Last night for the first time in a very long long time I actually dealt with vomiting.  I got scared because I could feel me getting flushed and of course I was here by myself.  No chest pains so I knew it was not a heart attack.   The problem is, and I am pretty sure about this.  I was diagnosed with a Hiatal Hernia years ago. After I had my little bout – I jumped on the computer and vomiting does/can happen with a Hiatal Hernia.   I have had problems swallowing and I am going in next week for an Endoscopy/Colonoscopy.  My Gastro doc is well aware of my swallowing issues and I hope there is no blockage of some sort.  Yea, having some anxiety but I think that is normal.

As always, I have to insert some humor and I am very blunt…As I was doing the vomiting dance – I was also letting loose on other end well, what I mean I could not stop from peeing all over myself.  Oye Vey.  Yep, let the world know Kathy.   LOL   Afterwards, I had to laugh what else could I do?   That’s life…the old bladder just could not be controlled.  Ha!

So, next Wednesday I go to Endo Center in Torrance and have both tests.  Hoping and praying all is ok.