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Pain Medication

I won’t disclose the medication I am on but will only say I have been taking it since around 2004-2005.   It has given me some quality of life that I would not have if my doctor chose not to prescribe for me.   I have been told that I will probably be on it for the rest of my life.

I do get defensive when doctors and other individuals who state we are all addicts.  This could not be further from the truth at least for me, and others that I know who take their medication in a responsible manner.  Most people who do abuse prescribed medication are often recovering substance abusers in my opinion.   I function quite well, and I do not over use my medication.   Medication is to be taken as prescribed by your physician.

I have a good relationship with my doctor,  and ask questions always.   You do not want to mess around when it comes to pain medication of any kind.   I find if I go beyond the 72 hours (changing pain patch) that I pay dearly.  The pain is unbelievable.  There is absolutely no “high” feelings – just a sense of relief from the pain patch when I do change it on time..  It goes right where it should go.

If you are on pain medications – please take them in a responsible manner.   When you don’t, it hurts the people like me who do take it as prescribed.  We are all too often lumped into that one category it seems.

I would really like to hear from others who are pain medication.  What have your experiences been?   Do you feel like you are being judged every time you go to your pharmacy to get medication filled?  I do often.  Not a good feeling and yet I should not have to explain myself at all to anyone.

Living with Pain

It’s difficult living with pain and it’s equally hard when our society refuses to educate themselves.  I know family, friends and people in general are busy but with more and more people popping up within our own groups with pain and chronic illnesses isn’t it worth it to learn what you can?

Say for instant you have a friend who was just diagnosed with Lyme Disease, would it not be worth it to learn what you can about this disease?   Afterall, you want to be supportive and to understand what your friend is going through.  Along with these illnesses – comes pain.

The pain I deal with can be just rotten at times.  I will be sitting in the recliner and the next thing you know my leg is tightening up.  My foot feels like it is on fire.  Bones in my feet actually ache and the pain goes deep.  Not a good feeling.  I have pain all over my body which can be a real pain in the patooty.

Understanding pain is difficult unless you are actually living with it.  I just showed you a bit of what I deal with and that has just scratched the surfaces.

Here’s a good article on Living with Chronic Pain  Goren, Estee “Chronic Pain – The Emotional Effects.” Chronic Pain – The Emotional Effects. 13 Jun. 2010 25 Aug. 2013 <­Pain-­-­-­The-­Emotional-­Effects&id=4347944>.