Annette Funicello w/ MS

If you do not remember Annette she started out as a Mouseketeer on the original Mickey Mouse Club.

Year ago she developed MS. For some, it goes into remission, and they do fine but for others it can be very hard, and they end up declining. I wanted to share a video her husband Glen Holt did so others could understand just how devastating this disease is or can be. Annette ‘s doctor is interviewed and you will see Annette when the disease had progressed.

Annette disclosed that she had MS in 1992 and would later die in 2013. This video is heart-wrenching to watch BUT it may help others to understand this disease.

A dear friend of mine, Ann lost her only daughter to MS. Kim was diagnosed and within ten years she would be gone. It progressed very fast. Her husband took care of her and I was able to see Kim not too long before she passed away. I have NO regrets seeing her in the condition she was in. It taught me to be a more loving person and although I do not have MS – I deal with RSD and I’ve learned to take one day at a time. Pace myself.

You do not stop caring about people because they are sick. We must all learn to value friendship and care about others.