Advocacy Work

We in the Chronic Illness/Pain community need Pres. Donald Trump to sit down with us.  We need guidance today as we are losing patients to suicide due to medications being taken away or tapered way down.

The people I know via Twitter are a great group of people working hard to change how the public view us.  We are NOT drug addicts.  We take our medications as prescribed and do not abuse.  I use Twitter because it commands a lot of attention and we do know publications are hearing us as they have written about us and the opioid crisis.

The DEA cannot keep using these Nazi like tactics – storming in to doctors offices and ransacking them.  Dr. Forest Tennant is one such doctor in Covina, CA.  Please read this article.  What happened to Dr. Tennant is happening to a lot of doctors – GOOD doctors.  Not your pill mill docs.

Thankfully we have a good following of therapist, doctors  on Twitter who are on our side and doing what they can.  Thomas Klein MD actually went to Washington DC on our behalf.   These are the people we need – doctors.  Where are all the doctors?  I will tell you many have been treated terribly by the DEA.    What happened to doctor-patient privilege?   What happened to doctors knowing their patients?   My own doctor was upset over the DEA.  She told me in May of 2017 she was referring me to a pain mgmt doctor in Torrance.  That was fine with me but it wasn’t because I was a bad patient or abusing.  She knew I would be taken care of by a wonderful physician who specialized in chronic pain.   I cannot say enough about Dr. Bradley.  His bio is one that I found so impressive.  He worked with wounded soldiers.  Also worked at Walter Reed.  That’s pretty darn impressive.

This is my life now.  I cannot get down and dirty in the trenches but I can still write and make my voice be heard.   RSD is very painful – so many have no idea.  They don’t understand.   I will sit down when not too tired and write to Pres. Trump.  I can at least try.  We’ll see.