Re-Check Mammo

It will be 6 months since my last mammo.  Am waiting for the approval for my ultrasound on right breast which they are watching.  I recently got a letter it was time to be checked again. I spoke to my Internist this week and if it still benign she still going to send me to surgeon for a biopsy.

There have been three gals from the office I worked in for 16 yrs who developed Breast Cancer.  The company closed down in 1998.  We were exposed to many chemicals namely Toluene and Benzene.  Tom, my husband was upset 6 months ago when they told me I had the mass and they did not do a biopsy.  They told me the kind that I had is one they worry about.

I have to be re-checked now… All these years I have been clean – no problems until 6 months ago.  I had been on estrogen for years and exposed to the chemicals.   I will keep this updated.